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Bro Israel Mugisha was Born in Uganda grew up in the same country. He began ministering through music at the age of 4yrs, a job he has done and still doing faithfully to date with passion. Bro Israel Mugisha has dedicated His life to preaching through Gospel Music and has had the opportunity to share the Word in these countries making the East Africa i.e Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and performed with many groups and International Choirs such METRO SINGERS, SOUL INFLUENCE. Many Churches He has ministered in such as:- Pentecostal Churches:- * House Of Grace Church Langata (Kenya) * NPC-Valley Road (Kenya) * NPC Woodly (Kenya) * NPC Ngong (Kenya) * Jesus Is A Live Ministries (Kenya) * Fountain Gate Churche (Kenya) * Baptist Church Langata (Kenya) Seventh-Day Adventist Churches * Newlife Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Kenya) * Nairobi Central Church of the Seventh-Day Adventist (Kenya) * Lavington Sevennth-Day Adventist Church (Kenya) * East and Central Division of The Seventh-Day Adventist (Kenya) * Seventh-Day Adventist Church South C (Kenya) * Seventh-Day Adventist Church Nyamirambo (Rwanda) Functions Ministered in- * AFREG in Limuru (Kenya) * AUA Graduation (Kenya) Brother Israel Mugisha Has taken this Gospel Music Ministry as full time ministry and constantly preaching through music to every kindred tongue. Not only that He has Used his sales from his album to help others such as Amani Children Foundation Wenston Salem USA Read this Quotation from the AMANI FOUNDATION "When children sing, even the angels will sit up and listen Top-notch children’s choirs from around the nation have joined forces to contribute their voices to the Amani Celebration CD now available online at www.amanimeanspeace.org. The holiday CD, produced by renown children’s choral director, Henry Leck, includes an introduction by Dr. Maya Angelou and heart-melting music from choirs from New York City and Toronto to Los Angeles and San Francisco. A special feature of the CD is an original song titled, “Amani Means Peace” written specifically for this project by Ugandan director, Israel Mugisha, and performed by a children’s choir in Kenya. Proceeds will go to care for orphaned infants in Kenya. Bro Israel Mugisha has not only done that He has gone a head to to give help to IDPs in the Nothern Uganda Kitgum District taking used clothes Even now if you know that you want to give towards that just call him he will do exactly that by delivering what you have donated if you find your self not having time to do that. Brother Israel is married to one Wife Rose Mugisha and they are living to gather in Kenya
Evangelist Israel Mugisha
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